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38 S Kirkman Rd. Orlando, FL 32811

Laser Surgery - Cutting with Light in Orlando, FL

One of the things that sets VSS apart is our use of CO2 lasers for most procedures. Laser surgery has significant advantages for both the patient and the surgeon.

Unlike scalpel blades or scissors that can crush and damage tissue, the laser cuts using only a beam of highly concentrated light. The laser interacts with the water inside cells, instantly superheating it into steam and literally vaporizing the tissue. Since the beam is highly focused, the surrounding tissue is unaffected.

As the beam cuts through tissue it seals nerve endings, small blood vessels, and lymphatics. This results in significant reduction in pain, almost no bleeding, and much less post operative swelling. Less pain means faster recovery. Less bleeding means a cleaner surgical field, better visualization of tissues, faster surgery and shorter anesthetic times. The laser also kills any bacteria in its path, reducing the chance of post operative infection.

While very well suited for almost all soft tissues, the CO2 laser is especially beneficial in delicate, highly vascular and innervated tissues. Elongated soft palate resection is much safer, much faster, and less painful with the CO2 laser versus radio scalpel or blade resection. Feline declawing with a CO2 laser eliminates the need for a tourniquet and bandages and has a much shorter recovery time with less pain medication required compared to the same procedure performed with a scalpel blade or resco. Cats are up and walking comfortably within hours of surgery and often go home the same day. For more information contact us today at 407-374-9357.

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